Thorn 15 in. Bear

Thorn is my nod to the (separate from normal society) "Goth" folk. People in modern day Goth communities encompass a wide variety of likes, dislikes and styles. One unifying factor is that they tend to be particularly open minded and accepting of others. They are inclined to shun popular society's rules and follow their own personal tastes and preferences. Many tend to wear black clothing because it sets them apart from what is considered "normal". They are not necessarily dark or depressed personalities - each person is their own individual. I will quote from definition # 10 in the Urban Dictionary,
"Striving to be me in a world so full of clones".

Thorn is made of light blonde distressed mohair with a darker back. His luminous golden eyes are hand painted. His eyelids, paws and foot pads are of ultrasuede. His nose, smile and claws are embroidered; the nose is waxed and rubbed to a soft sheen. Each strand of Thorn's upstanding hairdo is individually rooted into his head. His face and paws have been dramatically colored and shaded to suit his personal style. Thorn wears a non-removable faux fur ruff at his neck and at each ankle. Further defining Thorn's sense of style are the adornments he has chosen for himself: a gold colored nose ring and Celtic cross earring, a double-toggled neck chain embellished with an antique key and a red metallic rose, and stuck into his coiffure (as an experiment in pain), is a feathered stick pin. This individual is fully jointed and heartily weighted with glass beads


Size: 15 inch