Spotty Dottie

Hey Spotty Dottie!  Don't be so sad.  You look a little forlorn.  Have you had a rough go in life?  Don't  you worry - someone loves you.  Sure, you're a little careworn and maybe not as tidy as some, but I see that wistful look in your eyes - you would give anything  to make somebody happy.  You are such a dear little girl.   Chin up, Dottie. - You and your little old Crackerjack prize will soon have a new loving home.

Dottie is made of vintage viscose plush, with a generously (though hygenically) grunged finish.  Her hand-painted sky-blue eyes are lidded on top and bottom.  Her nose, mouth and claws are embroidered in perle cotton, the nose is beeswaxed and buffed to a shine.  She is  5-way jointed with disks and cotterpins.  Color accents bring out her facial features and define a timeworn patina all about her body.  A supple dotted ribbon encircles Dottie'sr head and she wears a vintage cotton print dress that has abeen subtly  toned with a gentle mellowing solution.  Aged brass safety pins create the finishing touch on Dottie's dress.  You'll find one closing the back and another supporting the little vintage (Crackerjack prize) deer charm and silk ribbon she wears close to her heart.


Size: 9.5 inch