Prince Kevin

Prince Kevin Bunny - 8 in. + Ears

Here is young prince Kevin, the little Prince of Tender Greens. He stands proudly surveying his lush garden realm, and decides upon a royal decree for the benefit of his loyal subjects. "Let them eat carrot cake!", he declares, with true bunny-prince benevolence. In honor of his royal decree, he is regaled in his princely raiment, which consists of a swag of satiny leaves and shiny gold-tinged cords. Encircling his head is the royal golden crown of  fringed metallic wire, twined with sage green and champagne silk ribbons.

Five-way jointed Prince Kevin's fur is silvery mohair with a darker back.  He has insets of soft, velvety plush on his tummy, ears and foot pads. Prince Kevin's eyes and muzzle are built up with needle-felted wool. His eyes are dark brown glass and his pink nose is embroidered in perle cotton. His highness is blushed all about  in various suitable places and carries his pert little bunny tail right behind him, upon his royal hiney.  Whether standing or sitting, he does so with princely grace. 


Size: 8 inch