Mr. Huggins

Weighing in at a hearty 8 lbs, Mr. Huggins is quite an armful of cuddly love. His smiling brown eyes gaze into your heart, seeing all your secrets, and yet he loves you still. He invites you to touch his soft faux leather paws and squeeze his squishy "baby fat" tummy, filled with soft pellets. Mr. Huggins' eyes and cheeks are needle-felted and tufted by hand with rooted-in fur that matches his Mahogany mohair coat. His needle-felted nose is waxed and polished to a soft sheen. From the tops of his ears to the tip of his stubby tail, and all the way down to his needle-sculpted toes, Mr. Huggins displays his hearty style, with areas of accent color in front and back, bringing out the best in his bruin character. He is fully 5-way jointed with strong wires added to his arms and legs for extra poseability. Mr. Huggins is a seated bear, and would love to sit somewhere special in your home- especially if it is near you. Mostly, he would love to sit on your lap with your arms wrapped snugly around himself. 


Size: 25.5 inch