Mew-Mew 9 in. Kitty

Mew-Mew is one of those little ones who can be imagined as an old toy that has been loved to life. Her embellishments have a naïve quality, bringing to mind the simple love that a child might have felt for a favorite toy - a child who has gifted the toy with uncomplicated tokens of affection. Mew-Mew is a fully jointed kitty made of sparse golden tan mohair. Her green glass eyes are lidded, and have a vertical pupil, like a real cat. Her embroidered salmon colored nose is rather heart-shaped. Her arms are wired for sassy kitty posing. She has accent coloring and shadows added to bring attention to her life-like look. Mew-Mew sits on her own crocheted rug, with her own ball of yarn to play with. If desired, the few stitches attaching her to the rug may be snipped, with no harm done. She is wearing a headband of pink rickrack with a vintage button tied on, with loose thread ends. Around her neck are a vintage ribbon and bell necklace and a chain-stitched cord, gifts that a diligent child would have proudly given.


Size: 8 inch