Mathias 10 in. Bear

Mathias is a quiet bear, whose sense of style beats to a different drummer. He is 5-way jointed, of sparse, scruffy medium beige fur with darker backing. His hazel-colored eyes are hand painted glass. His nose is sparsely embroidered and waxed. Needle-felted wool defines his eyes and cheeks, along with a bit of needle-sculpting. Accent coloring is added to his face and ultra suede paw pads. His brown wool hand crocheted sweater sports a pearly pinkish-tan vintage button. Circling his neck is a bit of tattered silk-waste yarn, which suits him well as a scarf. Up on top, Mathias wears a most unusual hat made of a peach seed and a vegetable stem, rimmed with a peek of red vintage rick-rack. His topper is touched with a slight brush of gold paint and preserved with a coat of satin varnish. In spite of his odd style sense, or possibly because of it, Mathias has earned a timeworn badge. He wears it proudly, assuring the world of just how much he is loved. Mathias is weighted inside with tiny glass beads.


Size: 10 inch