Jeremiah Clown

Jeremiah Clown is 12" tall, made of scruffy russet colored mohair. He is 5-way jointed and needle sculpted at face and feet. He has wired arms and colorful wool felt trapunto foot pads, with stitched claws. He is stuffed with poly fiber and is weighted with glass beads. His smile and nose are embroidered, waxed with bees wax, colored and polished to a nice glow. His custom painted glass eyes are lidded with ultrasuede top and bottom, and the whites are painted. Contour coloring is added at multiple points on his face and body. His clown hat and ruff incorporate several different coordinating fabrics. A string of rusty jingle bells on a crocheted cord are draped around his neck

Jeremiah is a winner in the 2014 URSA Awards Competition!


Size: 12 inch