Baruch's name translates as "Blessed" in Hebrew.  He is a very big boy, and an excellent lap-sitter, weighing in at around 8 lbs!  Baruch's fur is  the most sumptuous wavy light mohair tipped in grey-brown.  His dark, soulful eyes are lidded both top and bottom.  He is 5-way jointed with firm set screws and lock nuts.  His arms and legs are wired inside for support, although is is a sitting, not standing bear.  Barich has wool fabric paw and foot pads, which are needlesculpted and set with polymer claws.  He is shaded and colored in various places to bring out his natural beauty.  Baruch wears a vintage child's undershirt and two scarves that are made just for him - a lacy, subtly sparkling crocheted one and a simple cashmere, edged in the same yarn as his other scarf.  The finishing touch is provided by a six-pointed star pendant.


Size: 27 inch